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Australia's trusted supplier of corporate first aid kits

Are you looking for high quality first aid kit for your business?

We don’t sell home kits. Our Safe Work Australia compliant first aid kits are tailored for your industry and its specific risks – from low risk offices to high risk building sites.

Choose your risk level

What kind of business do you have? Risk increases with the number of employees, and the activities that they do.

Low Risk

Workplaces where workers are not exposed to hazards that could result in serious injury or illness such as offices, shops or libraries. Potential work-related injuries and illnesses requiring first aid would be minor in nature.


Medium Risk

Medium risk workplaces include larger shops and offices (especially if there are lots of visitors), manufacturers with plant that has moving parts (such as process lines), remote areas without quick access to emergency services.


High Risk

A workplace where workers are exposed to hazards such as dangerous machinery, hazardous chemical, heights, confined spaces, eye hazards, high temperature equipment (ovens, welders, etc), or physical violence.


What are the regulations?

Safe Work Australia has set out some guidelines on what a first aid kit should contain, and all out kits meet those minimum standards. However, your kit should be tailored to suit your workplace. Use our Chooser to help you design the right kit.

Brand name quality

We include the highest quality brand name components in our kits. We have spent years building a chain of quality suppliers who provide first class cases and inclusions at sensible prices. Where possible, we use Australian products.

Don't forget your vehicles

Safe Work Australia requires that your off-site workers also have access to first aid. If an injury occurs outside the regular workplace, having the right first aid supplies can mean the difference between a simple accident and a disaster.

Free shipping on orders over $500